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Once a week, confirmed. New SouthBrook up. I'll probably put up some sort of holiday cursor or something soon, and as you can see the ads are back up and the forum is moving again. Yes, moving like molasses, but moving. Join me there, won't you?

Anyway, hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and hope you all like the comic. Was very pleased with how it came out.

-Cheese xoxo




Yes. It's me. In the flesh he text I suppose. It's a small step on the way to getting this thing fully active again, but it's a step. Over the next month you'll see some changes to the layout (a little) as well as the ads at the bottom coming back, the forum reviving, and a "homecoming" sorta party. Even if it's just me and two other folks, I'll be happy. If you're part of the forum, expect a message in your email inbox inviting you to the event.

I am glad to be back at this project. There's a lot more to come for our potagonist. ;)

As far as an updating schedule, expect once a week for now. It might come more often than that, but I'm starting slow.

Thanks for reading, and welcome back. 

-Cheese xoxo 



A new comic up and ready. And on a monday too! :)

Not much else to say really. See ya in the forums, and enjoy the new strip!

-Cheese xoxo 



To quote Glados: "It's been a looong time." 

I did promise, however, that SouthBrook isn't going to die on my watch, and it won't. I've had problems epically with a scanner and computer, and because of this am not regularly near a working scanner nowadays. However, there IS a scanner here right now and I am taking full advantage RIGHT NOW. 

Above you will see, at long last, comic number 100 in glowing color. I am ready with 3 more that I will scan and put up starting on monday or tuesday, depending. 

The long and short of it is that I have you missed you my sweet brookers, and I hope you've missed me.

We're back baby!

-Cheese xoxo 



For anyone who tuned in on thankgiving and did NOT see me, I'm very sorry. I was in a car accident. Guy ran a red light, hit the car, then fled the scene. I'm ok, just kinda dashed my hopes for getting there and being on the stream. My apologies. Surprised the car is not in worse condition after that. Any donations to help the car are appreciated but not required.

New strip, my 100th, will be up friday. Expect an email about a party I'll be doing after that.


-Cheese xoxo



Happy Thanksgiving brookers! 

I've been a little sick, so no new comic for a while. Sad, but here is the latest, to make up for the time you all waited! It's a pretty good one, and the next one is going to take me a while. It needs some thought, color, and will use a few side characters from another furry comic you may all know and love. So get ready for another little wait. sorry!

Also, SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! (you'll get an email about this too.)

Tune in to the website below after eight or so on Thanksgiving Day (tomorrow) to listen to the creater of Vinci and Arty be awesome. Not only that, but I'll be trying to make an appearance!!! Tune in and listen to me live! I'll give all the brookers a little nod.


Thanks for reading, love and hugs!

-Cheese xoxo 



Big weekend so no comic today. Tried, and some of the inking is done, but I'm just too tired to finish the rest. Been writing an article for my new job that has really taxed me. Also, color comic coming up, so the comic after this next one should be a doozie. Also, will be the 100th one!!! :)

Did some stuff in the forum though, hope it at least amuses you. 

Stay tuned, sorry for delay.

-Cheese xoxo 



Happy crazy 11riffic friday!

New comic up, on time, and hooray for a happy weekend ahead!

2 comics left till magic number 100. Any ideas for a celebration? Let me know in the forums! ^-^

Love and hugs!

-Cheese xoxo



Like I thought, no update for monday. Working on the friday one.

I am writing, however, to express my gratitude. My paypal link is working again, and I owe a big big thanks for two of my forumites. Neotravis and Wild-Tangent, I seriously owe you guys. Like woah. Around my birthday, I received 50$ to help with site costs (that's half my server bill for the year!!!) and a pallet of colored pencils. I won't use the pencils for the strips, but I will use them for outside work.

Thank You. Thank you so so much, you both.

Let me know on the forums how I can properly thank you. 

Love and stuff. See you again friday, I hope.

-Cheese xoxo 



Ah-HAH! Another comic up on time. This weekend promises to be very trying, unfortunately. I may not have a new comic for you on monday. I may, I may not. Just not sure. Still, regular updates feel pretty good right?

3 away from comic 100!!! So exciting!

See you in the forums, and thanks for reading!

-Cheese xoxo



Technically, this counts as a new comic. Yeah, it's just a day-plate, but at least it's on time!

Also, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It's my favorite holiday.

Hope you celebrate it well!

-Cheese xoxo



Well ladies and gents, we are officially 5 comics out from my 100th comic. I never really knew how or when I would get this far, but so far so good! I'll be having a live chat party, so sign up to the site to get a notification in your inbox about that.

I don't think I'll have a comic up on monday being as it's Halloween, but I might get a day marker up at least, which technically counts as a stip. So there.

Post pics of your costumes for halloween or your pumpkin carvings on the forum. I'd LOVE to see them!

Lastly, thanks for sticking with me. That's another on time update, too! :)

-Cheese xoxo



New comic, up on time, and one ready for Friday. Who's good? Cheese is good! 

Also, we're down to 6 left before the 100th comic. If you want to give a recommendation on how we should celebrate or what I should give out or put up as a reward for loyal readers, please let me know on the forums!!!

Also, remember: The donate button works now. ;)

Enjoy the new comic!

 -Cheese xoxo



A comic up a day late. Who's surprised? Not me.

Enjoy though, there's quite a bit of funny coming up n the next two comics!

See ya on the forums!



Yesterday was my birthday.

Donation button should be up and running now.

New comic on Friday, Monday, and Friday again.

That is all.

-Cheese xoxo



*deep breath*

Ok, let me summarize my absence: 

Left job, was told my apartment had been sold and had 30 days to vacate, found that without a job I could not get a new apartment, panic, cry, have little money to eat, have LOTS of ramen, cry some more, get amazing amazing job, find new apartment in pretty bad neighborhood for cheap-ish, and that takes us to today.  

It's been hell month for me.

To my forumites: a true and honest thank you for your support and patience. Also, for your kind words, funny pictures, and community. It was a nice little comfort amid hard times.

Here ya go, a new comic. Get the next one up soon after or before I move at the end of this month. I'll see ya in the forums. 

Again, thank you.

-Cheese xoxo



New comic up! A day late, a dollar short? Yeah, maybe, but the sketching is also done for the next comic. Still, in a good mood about getting these done, and looking forward to finishing out this day around comic 100. That's right, comic 100! Coming up isn't it?

Anyway, love to you all, see ya in the forum. :)

-Cheese xoxo



 Well, to make up for no new Aunoria comic, I have given you two YES TWO filler comics! (If you just click the button and don't push the back arrow, you won't see the other one!) Both are....intriguing. Well I hope they are. Anyway, enjoy! I found my pens, so the next comic is about half done now. Monday? Just might happen.

Keep going in the forum. I am LOVING it. ^-^

-Cheese xoxo



New comic! FINALLY! Told you this thing wasn't dead. 

New filler ready for friday or sooner assuming I don't make another normal comic before then. Hint: new filler STILL involves Sam. I can promise that I will be uploading fillers pretty frequently, even when I can't upload regular comics due to no art supplies and no money to get them because husband is still waiting to hear back from potential jobs. *grumble*

And yeah, the art in this one isn't steller. Just finished the last of a mechanical pencil, and only have ONE art pen that isn't the right size. But I'll fix that as soon as I can. 

Keep posting in the forum, I looove reading it. And of course, please do invite your friends.  

-Cheese xoxo 




Actually, I just can't quite finish the next comic without supplies. Should be done friday though, maybe saturday. In the meantime, check out the newest filler (check the filler button at the top of the page too, for easier finding!) featuring everybody's favorite sheriff: Sam! :)

Now, go be more active in the forum and LOOOVE MEEE!!! Lol.

-Cheese xoxo




What, you didn't think the comic was DEAD did you? Psh, eff that.

Well, it really has been a very long time, and I don't have much to offer. I've been getting married (Which I am now! That's MRS. Cheese to you!) And getting moved into a new apartment, AND getting my husband a new job. Getting a new printer, getting a new sketch pad, trying to do my finances. Out of all this? Yep, you guessed it, I can't find my good ink pens. XD Again.

But here's what I CAN offer. SouthBrook is coming up on 2 years old (WHAAAT?! REALLY?!) So expect a little party in the works. Stick around the forums, you're about to see a LOT more of me there.  Also, I have updated the link above, same picture, new link, to the newest SB comic. Most of you probably noticed that there WAS a new one, but oh well, just in case. Lastly, Check out the filler section for a little new picture for you all. Hm....who IS that little mouse child? Expect constant new sketches, filler, and other awesome things till I can get art pens for ya.

Lastly, thank you everyone who stuck with me. Thank you for continuing to check up, thank you for having faith. Again, this is NOT DEAD nor will it be if I can help it.

See ya in the forums!!!

-Cheese xoxo

EDIT: Links section has also been updated with a new link/info. :) 



Hello Brookers! Long time no see!

Well, first I should give a little apology for taking SO so long to upload this comic. Second, I should apologize for not telling any of you why on earth I was gone. The comic was not giving any updates as to why I was gone. There is a very simple reason why this comic went on hiatus:

I am getting married.

No, not in a long time. Just a few weeks now, and I'll be a married woman, to the man the character of Z is based on. The wedding planning, which I have been doing all myself, has been stressful and time consuming. I have been figuring out where I'm going to live, what sort of licenses I need...basically, I've been bending over backwards trying to get ready for "real life." It sucks, but I finally think I'm ready.

I have another comic in the works, mostly done, but I'm not promising anything. The wedding is too soon for that. I'll be on the forum a little though.

If you want to give me some sort of wedding gift, please donate OR send some art OR post on the forum. I loves ya all much, thanks for continuing to read dispite the hiatus.

SouthBrook is not dead. It is NOT going anywhere. Enjoy the new comic.




Late you say? NAY I say. Though the front page wasn't changed, there WAS a new comic up last night. Check the image, if you like! It'll tell you itself! :P

Anyway, you will also notice a few updates around here. More new things in the forums, a few new links to really awesome things, and of course and updated picture for Sam in the characters section! I HAVE been busy this week! Also, I only have one more comish to do before my list is empty again! That means I'll be ready to do art for pay again if anyone wants it! :)

Anyway, enjoy the new comic. Monday's comic is a ways from being done, but I think I'll manage getting it up on time.

-Cheese, xoxo



New month, new comic. And the one after that is nearly done too! Should have put this one up LAST week, considering it's been done for a whole fricken week, but the scanner refused to help me. If you notice a small difference in picture quality, well, that's why. Enjoy!

-Cheese xoxo



Hey guys. Don't get Norovirus.

Seriously. I'm not kidding.

Bed-ridden, vomiting, unable to get up or eat or do ANYTHING. It's the worst thing possibly of all time.

Anyway, I know it's FAR overdue, but here's a new comic. I have the next two partially done. Comic after next needs a LOT of detail work though, so I'm taking my time to make sure it looks really good. Thank you for continuing to read though! I havn't done ANY advertising, nor did I update recently, and we're still consistently getting 70 unique viewers a day. WOW. Seriously, thank you.

Errrh....though I'd like to thank you a little more...

If you would PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to this: HERE!!!! Sign up to nominate online, and nominate SouthBrook for the best "Graphic Story." PLEASE do this. I will love you forever.

Lastly, I now salute Concessions, the webcomic. It has ended a valiant run. Congrats Immy. :)

-Cheese xoxo



New comic up. Not on time.

Are you surprised? :P

Anyway, things is bout to get 'xiten! Stay tuned! I'll keep working on the new comic for Friday. I'm going to try to keep humor around for a little while before things get too serious again. So I hope that's ok with you all.

No? Too bad.

I have one other piece of pretty bad news. Due to money problems, I've had to take down most of my advertising on other sites. Which really REALLY sucks. It means site views have taken a huge blow. Like, down by half. So till the next paycheck, feel free to donate money or seriously just tell your friends. That's the best advertising of all.

-Cheese xoxo



Cop-out comic up on time....success.

New day panel. Enjoy. Or whatever. More substantial comic up on time on friday.

-Cheese xoxo



Up on time?! *GASP!*

But seriously, having a little fun with this comic (4th wall?! WHAT 4th wall?) I'll update monday too, though that might be a cop-out update, which I'm sure you're all familiar with by now. Anyway, we're back on schedule and updating regularly! YAY! Go talk about it on the forum, as well as our upcoming 100th strip party!!!

-Cheese xoxoxo



Didn't I promise a new comic? WELL it is indeed up! Yaaay! Now, lets see if we can't start getting this to update on time for a change hm? 

I have a TON of swag from the con left over to sell. keep your eyes open for that, mkay?

-Cheese xoxo



Con is done! DONE!

So, I didn't make much money at all, but it was still a blast. Thank you to the few forumites who came out to see me and support the comic, thank you to the newcomers who are viewing the comic because they met me. Also, a HUGE  thanks to the Jack forumites for showing me a good time. I got to meet some seriously awesome people, including Vinci, Arty, Ian D, Eldar, Xuncu, Tarendol, wild child, part of the Blotch team and SO SO many others. I will be adding tons of links to new things in a few days, since I've made so many new contacts. Please....go join the forum. :P

Also, I got a LOT of work done on the new comic. I'll have it up tomorrow. It's...really pretty good looking! :)

-Cheese xoxoxo




Ok, so I haven't updated on the front page in a long long while. The forum knows what's up though. See? That's why ya gotta go join it!

Anyway, new comics are coming, and next friday I'll be featuring this comic and some of my other work at Further Confusion in San Jose California!

In the mean time, here's a little really relevant and fairly shocking filler. Yes, the filler is back! And if you can't figure out what's going on, well, then join the forum and ask the brookers! They'll tell ya! :P


Anyway, love you if you're still reading all this. I won't let you down. Southbrook is FAR from dead.

-Cheese xoxoxoxo



My cat is feeling better. Thanks to all well wishers. Not sure she's entirely well, but she seems better.

Now, the new comic. I like how it turned out. It's late, blah blah blah. But it still looks pretty good. The art section has been updated with commission prices (ya know, in case you were wondering) I also have some new art coming soon to the members only section! ^-^

Enjoy the new comic. I'll work on more things tomorrow. For now, I'm gonna pop open a bottle of home-brewed mead and watch some hockey. GO sharks!

-Cheese, xoxo



 Strip up. Late. WAY late.

I could make a lot of excuses, and I have a pretty good one. But ya know what? I'm a little too shaken right now to really bother. I hope you like this strip, and the one on friday will be in color (SPOILER!). Also, I hope you all are getting along with the new character, now that he's getting just a touch of development. 

Keep chattin' it up on the forums. As soon as I'm sane, I have some stuff for ya, including chibis!

-Cheese xoxo



...I'm sick. Did not upload because I was up all of last night making friends with my toilet. It's up now, but it's certainly not my best work. Once my health improves, we can do some new stuff, make some new things. I have quite a list if things to do, including actual job work stuff. 

But not yet. First, I sleep and take meds. Lots of meds.

-Cheese xoxo



New comic is up now! Go see it. It's short, but ok. I got to work on Z's face a little....yeah, that's about it!

-Cheese xoxo



Ok, if anyone knows the new Harry potter movie and has seen it....don't tell me about it, ok? Going to see it with my mom!

Anyhoo....bullshit update today (day strip) Better come awesome update tomorrow!'s almost done, but my hand cramp right now is making my fingers that normal? o_0

Anyway, see you all tomorrow!

-Cheese xoxoxo



New comic, up on time with time to spare! ^-^

I am so pleased with how solid I've gotten at drawing Aunoria. Now, if I could get that solid on Lily, Z, Sam, and others!

Planning a "just because" party. Keep your eyes open for that.  If you become a forum member, you'll even get an email about it! Enjoy the comic this week, and keep commenting! I love reading

-Cheese xoxox




Hooray! It's up! Fixed the scanner troubles too, so no more problems there. 

I'm very happy with how this comic turned out. No dialogue at all, but still a strange piece. Plus, Aunoria came out looking a little anime-ish and I'm ok with that! Also, I should point out that book-boxes like the one shown here will eventually be sold in my shop (made by hand and signed by yours truly!) Also, we are coming up soon on comic number 100! I will be sure to throw another little party for forum members. Sound good?

Lastly, a little fanservice here....Aunoria in underwear. XD

[This is really not my week...

Well, I've been trying to get the comic up for about 24 hours now. I changed the password to my internet connection (wireless) and for some reason that made it so my wireless scanner can no longer synch up with my computer or ANY computer in the house. My father is over futsing with it right now, trying to make the scanner work. Could be ready in minutes, could be more than a day. I really don't fucking know...:( I am trying.

The comic this week actually makes me really happy. I had a lot to say on it, and I hope to say stuff about it as soon as it's up. It contains possible the best close up facial image of aunoria I have ever done.

*sigh* I'll update the front page once the scanner works.]

-Cheese xoxo



Ladies and gents, allow me to transcribe the conversation that took place between me and the internet during my vacation at a college in virginia:

Me: Alright! Comic done and ready to upload. Booyah! Connect to server!

Internet: Oh, you THOUGHT you could do that. I'm showing the bars, but no. No internet.

Me: What?! I typed the right password, your server is registering...

Internet: Yep. But you still can't connect.

Me: But I have a new comic! I have it on time!!!! My fans will be angry!

Internet: Sucks to be you!

I hope that explains some things for you all. Yeah. Stupid damn internet fail. Anyway, here's the new comic. And yes, thank you to all who commented. The last comic was very James Bondsy!

-Cheese xoxox



Day 9 is here and in glowing color! I added the new day strip AND the new comic today. You may not yet be able to figure out what you're seeing, but I think I actually pulled it off. Oh, and that nonsense about me not updating monday? Whoever told you that was a horrible liar! :P It'll be up on time. I got really productive and got some stuff done in advance, which means I get to have a vacation AND update! Hoorah!

Anyway, much much love to you all. I look forward to you gawking and wondering WTF?! About the new comic. Tah!

-Cheese xoxoxo 














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